• Join the Rally Against Harvey and Irma

    JVA has set up the "Rally Against Harvey and Irma" fund to help the people affected by the flooding and hurricane, and get our members back on their feet. Let's join together to help our volleyball community in immediate need.

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  • JVA Sponsor Program to Give $200,000 Back to JVA Member Clubs This Season

    Applications are now being accepted for the JVA Sponsorship Program. If you haven't joined the JVA yet, now is by far the best time.

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  • Registration is Open for the JVA Fall Webinar Series

    The JVA webinar series includes 6 webinars related to the business of running a junior volleyball club and training your athletes to be the best they can be on and off the court.

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  • Let JVA Ease Your Club Season Planning

    Being a part of the JVA means having a support system and the tools to run your club successfully. The JVA gives back to its members.

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  • JVA Coach to Coach Video of the Week

    This week's JVA Coach to Coach Video of the Week by Munciana Co-Director and 18 Samurai Head Coach Mike Lingenfelter shares 5 drills to train defensive movement, pursuit, strength and toughness.

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For Club Directors

JVA shares education and options for Running a Tournament, Training Your Coaches, Communicating with Parents, Developing your Club Philosophy, Branding and Growing your Club Programs.

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For Coaches

JVA shares coaching education for beginner through elite level focused on coaching the mental and physical skills for indoor and beach junior volleyball players. 

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For Players

JVA shares education and insight on how to be an elite volleyball athlete, the volleyball recruiting process, fitness, and finding a club that is the right fit for you and your family.

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Find a Tournament or Power League near you. JVA insured tournaments are all-inclusive so all teams, no matter what affiliation (USAV, AAU, JVA) can participate and will be insured.

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From the JVA Office: 4 Ways to Attract the Right Players to Your Club

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Identifying the Factors That Differentiate the Good from the Great

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