• 2016 JVA AthLeaders Announced

    20 female student-athletes have been selected from a very large pool of nominees for displaying leadership, involvement in extra-curricular activities, community service outreach and outstanding achievement in the classroom.

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  • Prep for Nationals at JVA SummerFest!

    After an outstanding inaugural JVA Rock 'N Rumble in Cleveland, and a stellar JVA World Challenge, we're gearing up for JVA SummerFest in Columbus, Ohio June 4-5th. Join us!

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  • JVA Coach to Coach Video of the Week

    JVA Coach to Coach Video of the Week by Empowered Volleyball Academy (Fort Wayne, IN) shares an arm swing series for increasing power in a player's arm swing.

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  • JVA Beach Events Lined Up for Summer

    JVA Midwest Beach Championships and AAU Midwest Beach Championships are open for registration. Find more beach events and promote your own with the JVA!

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Information on Branding, Club philosophy, Running a Tournament, Training Your Coaches, Parent communication, and Growing your club programs.

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Videos, Articles, Documents, and Webinars focused on coaching the mental and physical skills for junior volleyball players.

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Find a Tournament or Power League near you. JVA insured tournaments are all-inclusive so all teams, no matter what affiliation (USAV, AAU, JVA) will be insured.

Recent Posts

K2 Volleyball Academy Wins JVA Club of the Month

K2 originates its name after the second highest mountain in the world. The mountain is 28,251 ft above sea level and is located on the China-Pakistan border. K2 Volleyball (Louisville, TN) Club Director Christine Hames is originally from Australia and set on the Indoor Australian National Team in 1993-94. She is also a former FIVB Beach Volleyball Tour player who represented Australia on the world tour. Together, Jason and Christine Hames both serve as the directors of K2 Volleyball since it's formation in 2009, and have 3 children who play for the club: Nicklin Hames a 2018 Nebraska Commit sets 18 JOTA, Kayleigh Hames is an OH for 15 Cory, and Eli Hames sets for 12 Cory. In a short period of time this JVA member club has made a name for itself not only in the Southern Region, but nationally as well.

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Running a Beach League: Where to Begin?

Beach volleyball is one of the largest growing sports in the world, and this holds true for any level, because it's fun. Adults have been competing in co-ed after work beach volleyball leagues for many years. As more volleyball clubs are owning and leasing facilities, Club Directors are realizing the demand for indoor and outdoor sand courts. During off-peak times when your teams are not practicing on the sand courts or your club is not hosting a beach tournament, running a beach league is the perfect way to increase the bottom line, while bringing new customers to your facility. Here are some ways to get started.

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Three Steps to Your Best Beach Season Yet

As the summer beach volleyball season ramps up, and so does the heat, hydration isn't always the first thing on our minds. Hydration is a vital part of staying in competitive shape as an athlete. I've seen too many players get injured because they lost focus as a result of dehydration. Maintaining appropriate levels of hydration, although we know it is important, isn't always a priority. Just like executing a play in volleyball, you have to start with a plan in order to stay properly hydrated. Here's a look at what your hydration routine should look like before, during, and after you play.

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