The JVA is committed to growing our resources and partnerships for junior volleyball. JVA Committees have an important role in this process. If you are interested in participating in a JVA Committee contact us at

Education: Coaching

Develop and share coaching education that would be of value to JVA members.

John Brannon, Carolina Union (NC) Committee Chair
Bob Westbrook, A5 (GA)
Brad VanDam, Milwaukee Sting (WI)
Bryce Hickerson, VCNebraska (NE)
Corey Helle, Upward Stars (NC)
Courtney Robinson, KIVA (KY)
Eric Shick, Magnum Volleyball (SC)
Gwen Egbert, Nebraska Jrs (NE)
Jason Hames, K2 Volleyball (TN)
Jimmy Jarmuth, Illini Elite (IL)
Jodi Schramm, Premier Academy (OH)
John Shondell, Boiler Jrs (IN)
Sharon Galonski, Next Level (WI)
Wendy Holderfield, NASA (AL)
Wes Lyon, Munciana VBC (IN)

Education: Business & Technology

Develop and share business and technology education that would be of value to JVA members.

Sherry Fadool, Triangle VBC (NC) Committee Chair
Andy Erins, Illini Elite (IL)
Dave Weitl, WVBA (WA)
Glenn Pike, MAVA (KY)
Joe Ziegler, Virginia Elite (VA)
Maggie Griffin, VCNebraska (NE)
Michael Fletcher, A5 (GA)
Paul Schiffer, Academy VBC (OH)
Max Miller, Mintonette Sports (OH)
Steve Sack, Michigan Elite (MI)
Tim Kuzma, Munciana VBC (IN)
Darcy Carroll, Richmond Volleyball Club (VA)

Education: Boys

Develop and share education specific to boys volleyball athletes, coaches and directors.

Derek Jensen, D1 VBC (IL) Committee Chair
Kris Berzens, D1 VBC (IL)
Matt Houlihan, Bay to Bay (CA)
Darrell Dilmore, Wave VBC (CA)
Matt Di Stefano, Academy VBC (NY)
Matt Heffner, Richmond Volleyball Club (VA)

Education: Beach

Help to develop more education and guidance in the area of beach volleyball in order to grow the junior beach programs among JVA member clubs.

Scott Stover, 692 Dallas (TX)
Andrew Bennett, Tamarack VBC (CA)
Bryan Jones, S3 Volleyball (GA)
Will Robbins, Empowered Sports and Pro Beach Juniors (IN)


Represent JVA in a region of the country and advise on issues that affect programs in that area. Help grow the organization and bring more benefits to JVA members.

Alex Sing, Grand Strand Jrs (SC)
Chris Hames, K2 Volleyball (TN)
Courtney Robison, KIVA (KY)
Deb Grafentin, River City Jrs (NE)
Holly Richards, NASA (AL)
Jess Sponenburg, Juggernaut (CO)
Lexi Patton, Virginia Elite (VA)
Maggie Griffin, VCNebraska (NE)
Mayme Vlietstra, Michigan VBA (MI)
Mitch Lunning, Kairos Elite (SD)
Paul Schiffer-Academy VBC (OH)
Stephanie Grieshop, Mintonette Sports (OH)
Steve Suttich, Oregon Jrs (OR)
Troy Helton, Ethos VBC (TN)
Vince Muscat, Michigan Elite VBA (MI)

Education: Recruiting

Develop and share recruiting education that would be of value to JVA members and players.

Patty Costlow, Munciana VBC (IN)
Travis Fuller, The Academy (IN)


Develop, organize and grow the JVA awards program. Reward the people and clubs who promote the JVA message.

Billy Ebel, Lipscomb University (TN)
Chris Tobolski, Prep Volleyball (CA)
Erik Vogt, Sports Performance (IL)
Jan Barker, TAV Amarillo (TX)
Lexi Marudas, Virginia Elite (VA)


Work with the JVA Treasurer and Executive Director on developing the budget and advising on financial matters.

John Sample, TAV (TX)

Bill Milborn, Club Fusion (IL)

Andrew Thompson, Next Generation (MI)

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