Beach Awards

JVA member clubs can nominate their beach athletes, coaches and directors for awards.

We value the commitment and achievement of JVA athletes, coaches and clubs. The JVA Awards recognize the individuals from JVA clubs for all they do for the sport. Make sure your club and athletes are honored!

Beach Watch List

Nominate your top beach players who are among the best in their age division this juniors beach season nationwide.

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Club of the Month

Nominate your club for JVA Club of the Month, an award that recognizes a club going above and beyond to the opportunities for junior athletes to participate in beach volleyball.

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Junior Club Service Award

Nominate your club coaches, or directors who have served junior volleyball for at least 20 years and honor their commitment and achievement in beach volleyball.

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JVA Above and Beyond

Congratulations to 692 Beach Club Director Scott Stover for winning the 2018 JVA Above and Beyond Award for his dedication and contribution to the JVA's mission and goals.

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