Beach Drills

Sharing beach drills, training philosophy and practice plans for junior beach coaches.

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Beach Passing and Setting Drills

Give your beach players plenty of touches and training to help them stay in system when passing and setting.


Beach Attacking Drills

Enhance your beach players' approach, shot selection and transition to attack in order to effectively side-out and score.


Beach Defense Drills

Teach your players how to efficiently read the attacker, cover the entire court, and pursue the ball on defense.


Beach Setting Basics

UCLA Beach Head Coach and JVA Club Director, Stein Metzger, shares beach setting basics to increase your partner stock level this summer.

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Training the Approach

Wisconsin Juniors shares a three part progression to train their Beach VolleyKids how to jump and attack the ball.

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Stance, Movement and Spacing

You can introduce beach volleyball to your beginners in 3 parts: Basic stance and stepping, Posture and pursue, and Platform and spacing.

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Beach Program Basics and the First 8 Practices

692 shares how the club ensures that each player develops the fundamental and philosophical training needed to excel in beach volleyball, and also learn the club's system.

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Beach Warm-Up and Ball Control Drills

View drills designed to help junior beach volleyball coaches get their players ready to train and improve ball control skills.

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