Beginner Drills

Below are drills designed for junior volleyball coaches to introduce volleyball to beginners and youth academy players.

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Movement and Rotation Drill

VCNebraska (Lincoln, NE) shares a warm-up drill called JT that focuses on movement, communication, rotating and covering the court. This is a great drill for beginners and young players. It can also be adjusted for more advanced players.


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Agility for 2-6 year olds

Sports Performance (Aurora, IL) Volley Tots and Volley Tikes classes for 2-6 year olds incorporate 10 minutes of agility into each class.



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Star Footwork for Passing

vcNebraska shares the Star Footwork drill. The club uses this drill with the Youth Academy to train movement and passing.



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Introductory Drills for Youngest Ages

Summit Volleyball Club (Fort Wayne, IN) shares a snapshot of their Volleybeans and Volleysprouts class that introduces volleyball to the youngest ages with fun.


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Obstacle Course and 3v3 Drill

Southern Performance (Birmingham, AL) shares an obstacle course for agility and warm-up, and a 3v3 progression drill to teach 3 contacts that they run in their youth academy program for players 10 and under to learn the game and prepare for club volleyball.


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Shadow Drill for Communication

vcNebraska shares the Shadow Drill. The drill uses imaginary volleyball to teach the players communication, movement and position on the court.



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Volley Tots Drills Ages 4 and Up

KIVA (Louisville, KY) shares some clips and their lesson plan from their 90 min VolleyTots class that takes place once per week.



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Teaching and Training Proper Arm Swing

Boiler Jrs Coach and Purdue Assistant John Shondell shares key words for teaching arm swing technique and the Bounce Drill.



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Teaching the Attacking Approach to Beginners

Boiler Jrs Coach and Purdue Assistant John Shondell shares key words and drills to train the attacking approach to beginners.

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Box Attacking for Beginners

Boiler Jrs Coach and Purdue Assistant John Shondell shares key words and technique to train attacking reps on a box to improve a player's arm swing.


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Attacking and Transition Drills for Beginners

Boiler Jrs Coach and Purdue Assistant John Shondell shares two drills to train attacking rand transition for beginners, while focusing on proper technique and limited errors.

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Finding the Right Pace for Optimal Learning

Washington Volleyball Academy (Lynnwood, WA) shares how to pace your drills to find the edge for every player on every contact so optimal learning takes place.

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Teaching Attacking Technique

Sports Performance (Aurora, IL) shares key words and technique that they use in their Youth Academy to teach attacking arm swing and footwork to beginners.


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Knees Head Arm

Elite Volleyball Training Center (Columbus, OH) shares a drill called Knees Head Arm to help beginners grasp the concept of three contacts. The progressions help players learn the basic skills of volleyball while communicating, moving to the ball and competing.

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Beginner Out of System Setting Drill

Xcel Volleyball Performance (Hendersonville, NC) shares a beginner out of system setting drill to give players a lot of reps setting the pin attackers in an out of system situation.

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Serve Receive Basics

Summit Volleyball (Fort Wayne, IN) shares drills for training serve receive footwork, platform and communication in a part to whole system. These drills are great for beginners and can be progressed for intermediate or elite level players.

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