2019 JVA Challenge Series

Uniting the Nation's Elite Volleyball Events

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The JVA is now accepting applications for the 2019 JVA Challenge Series, a series of elite tournaments hosted by JVA member clubs across the country. The JVA Challenge Series events are sponsored by the JVA and tournament hosts are committed to offering a high quality event, agreeing to specific JVA requirements.

"We are excited to put the spotlight on well-run events run by JVA member clubs nationwide. The JVA Challenge Series is an opportunity to promote events that align with the JVA's mission to promote the growth of youth and junior volleyball through events, while also unifying the clubs that are committed to that goal" shares JVA Director of Events Steve Bailey.

Our goal is to offer a network of quality events while not competing with current members' events. We will use the JVA website tournament schedule as a guideline for member events.

Click HERE to apply for your event to be part of the JVA Challenge Series. Once your application is received you will be contacted by a member of the JVA Event Staff.

The Junior Volleyball Association is an organization comprised of nearly 1,300 junior volleyball clubs, and is focused entirely on improving the junior volleyball experience for clubs, coaches, players and the junior volleyball community. The JVA's mission is to promote the growth and development of junior volleyball through program and resource development, education and events. Click HERE for a list of JVA events. Click HERE for more information about the JVA.


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