5 Ways for Student-Athletes to Balance Academic and Athletic Demands

Scientifically, it has been proven that physical activity leads to an increase in academic performance, testing scores, and mental acuity. However, it takes dedication and commitment by the student-athlete to balance both worlds, especially when you add the travel and late nights that accompany the demands of club volleyball. Here are some ways to help student-athletes successfully balance academics and athletics.

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AAU and JVA Unite to Create West Coast Boys Championship

This June the AAU and JVA are joining forces to run the AAU Boys West Coast Championships, a competitive boy's volleyball tournament in Anaheim, CA. The two organizations joining together to run an event is nothing short of promising for the future of boys volleyball.

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JVA Announces 8 Recipients of the JVA Junior Club Service Award

The growth of our sport, along with the consistent success of the JVA would not exist without the dedication and loyalty of the coaches, club directors and administrators of JVA member clubs. This year the JVA is honoring 8 individuals from JVA member clubs with the JVA Junior Club Service Award for their service to junior volleyball for over 20 years.

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Helping Boys Volleyball Players Find a Home

Although many areas still lack opportunities for boys volleyball, there has been a recent push to grow the sport. It's exciting to see colleges add mens volleyball, as witnessed with the recent NCAA Division III explosion. As more junior volleyball clubs attempt to add boys volleyball, the next step is to educate the players about the college options that are available for them to continue their careers beyond high school. Here's a look at the boys volleyball recruiting timeline and what college coaches are looking for in a recruitable student athlete.

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7 Steps to Landing a Sponsor for Your Volleyball Club

You’re starting to plan for next club season and have a long wish list of ways to improve your club. Many of these improvements require additional cash flow to move from wish list to fruition. What can you do to generate the needed revenue without charging your players more? Sell Sponsorships! Don’t know the first thing about selling sponsorships? Well, here are 7 steps to guide you.

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Growing a Boys Program and Maintaining Quality During Growth

Division1 VBC started as a boys only volleyball club, working to develop and adjust its club model before adding girls in the 6th year. During the decade of the club's existence, D1 has averaged 25-30% growth per year. With 12% more boys participating in high school boys volleyball than four years ago, let's examine the business factors that are critical to the growth and maintenance of a boys volleyball program.

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Make Boys Volleyball Appealing

In Nebraska, the sport of volleyball sells itself. After all, it's the home of Cornhusker volleyball, the 2015 Division I National Champions. However, in Lincoln volleyball is only viewed as a women's sport. VCNebraska is looking to change this perception.

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Ultra Ankle Named Title Sponsor of JVA Player Awards

JVA is pleased to announce the renewal of its partnership with Ultra Ankle®, the new title sponsor of the JVA Watch List, JVA All-National Team, and JVA AthLeader Awards.

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Prevention of ACL Tears

A torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) can put an end to an athlete's season and even worse, their career. It's a twisting knee injury that progresses with swelling over a 24-hour period and is commonly associated with a distinctive "pop." It can be an extensive healing process with even more frustrating consequences. Too many ACL injuries are due to improper landings and quick changes in direction. In order to prevent this, athletes, especially volleyball players, need to be mindful of how they land on their feet after a jump and how quick they cut in to another direction. By learning proper form and techniques, athletes can prevent ACL injuries from occurring.

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Top Beach Volleyball Bag Must-Haves!

By Molly Menard - Pro Beach Volleyball Player and CFO of the National Volleyball League

Twitter: @menardbeachvb

1. Sunscreen

You want to be 100% focused on the court and I promise you'll be thinking about your aching skin and not the next point if you're

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5 Ways to Stay Cool in the Sand this Summer

Few things scream "summer" more than the start of the beach volleyball season. It is a time for soaking up some rays with the scent of salt water in the air and sand between your toes. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans take about two

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7 Steps to Landing A Sponsor For Your Volleyball Club

You're a few weeks into your club season and you realize your teams have qualified for more tournaments than expected, but you don't have the funds to front the tournament fees. What can you do to generate the needed revenue without charging your players more?

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