JVA Fall Webinar Series Revealed

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The 2017 JVA Fall Webinar Series features six webinars related to the business of running a junior volleyball club and training your athletes to be the best they can be on and off the court. Webinars are free for JVA members as part of their member benefit. Two webinars are also free to AAU members. 


Wednesday, September 27th. 12:00PM - 1:00PM ET
Quickbooks: A Comprehensive Accounting System For Volleyball Clubs

Tim Kuzma - Munciana Business Manager and Shawn Hicks, Munciana Accountant
Target: Club Directors and Administrative Staff

This webinar will show you how to organize and manage your finances to be more profitable, have the ability to make financial decisions based on data instead of a gut feeling and hope, and comply with government tax regulations. Tim and Shawn will help streamline your record keeping. You will sleep better at night knowing your business is more professional and more efficient.


Wednesday, October 4th. 12:00PM-1:00PM ET
Early Season Strategies for Developing a Unified and Mentally Strong Team
This webinar is free for AAU members

Presenter: Mora Kanim, President of Coaching C.L.O.U.T., LLC
Target: Coaches

This webinar will provide practical applications and exercises for clubs to develop a growth mindset for their athletes and coaches, train mentality while training physical skills, utilize the DISC tool for communication with athletes and parents, and foster greater team dynamics.


Tuesday, October 10th. 12:00PM-1:00PM
How to Implement Strength and Performance Training for Junior Volleyball Athletes

Presenters: Roger Breum and Juan Pablo, BridgeAthletic
Target: Club Directors and Coaches

With proper programming, strength training can build flexibility, agility, and power for young volleyball athletes on the court. Performance experts from BridgeAthletic will discuss how to implement volleyball-specific training to build better volleyball athletes and reduce the chances of injury. Club Directors and Coaches will learn how to build this into their clubs for improved safety and results.


Wednesday, October 18th 12PM ET
Applying Goal Related Drills to Prepare Your Team for Competition
This webinar is Free for AAU Members

Dave Soller - Club Fusion 15 Red Head Coach, Club Fusion Executive Team. AAU National Championship 15 Premier
Michelle Erins - Illini Elite 17 Cardinal Head Coach, 2017 AVCA 17U Club Coach of the Year, AAU National Championship 17 Open
Stefanie Wigfall - Sunshine Volleyball Club North Director and 14 Target: CoachesWestside Head Coach. 2017 AVCA 14's Coach of the Year.
Target: Coaches

This webinar is presented by a panel of coaches who have found success in planning practice based around the needs of their team. Presenters will share keys to identifying your team's weaknesses in order to plan your practice around the needs of your team through skill development, system training and setting process goals.


Wednesday October 25th. 12:00PM-1:00PM
Title: The Safe and Secure Way to Hire and Fire Club Staff

Presenter: Bonnie Boettcher, President of HRSherpaz
Target: Club Directors

Participants will learn what questions are legal and illegal to ask during an interview, how to find out if a prospective hire will fit into your club culture during an interview, and how to manage a problem employee, in terms of what to document and how to handle the exit process.


Wednesday, November 1st. 12:00PM-1:00PM
Title: Using the Evaluation Process to Develop your Staff

Presenter: Bonnie Boettcher, President of HRSherpaz
Target: Club Directors

Participants will learn evaluation techniques to insure your staff is meeting expectations, identify potential problem areas and develop a plan for continued improvement.

JVA members have free access to all JVA webinars. To learn more about a JVA membership, click here.  Non-members can purchase the webinar for $9.99. After you register you will receive an email with the product store information to purchase the webinar online. All webinars are recorded and emailed to those who register. So if you cannot attend the live webinar you can watch the video afterwards.

For more information on JVA webinars click here.

About the Junior Volleyball Association

The Junior Volleyball Association (JVA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the growth of youth and junior volleyball through program and resource development, education and events. The organization was formed in 2006 with a primary focus of being a voice for junior volleyball club directors and coaches, and to this day is the only organization that is focused entirely on youth and junior volleyball.


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