From the JVA Office: A Decade of Advocacy and Change

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In October of 2005 when 33 Club Directors from all over the country met to talk about the state of junior volleyball, we had no idea that those discussions would lead to where we are today. Our goal coming out of that meeting was simply to form a voice for club directors to advocate for change in junior volleyball programming. What came out of that is the JVA that you see today, a strong, vibrant, evolving organization that has changed the dynamics of junior volleyball.

This year we will celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of the JVA. And if you haven't joined the JVA yet, now is by far the best time.

Join the Trend
The JVA trend is Growth.

  • JVA membership has grown, beginning with an 80% member retention rate followed by 50% increase in membership year-after-year.

  • JVA events have seen an enormous amount of growth. From 1 event in 2015, to 3 events in 2016 and 6 JVA events in 2017. This does not include the number of JVA members hosting events. In a 2013 member survey, 58% of JVA members hosted tournaments, and that number has continued to rise the past few years. It has always been a goal of the JVA to support and market our members' events and to build a network of JVA clubs that are working together to grow volleyball in their area. It has been rewarding to watch this spread to more areas of the country.

  • Member clubs are adding programs and growing their membership. In 2013, 25% of JVA member clubs offered a beach volleyball program. In 2016 50% of JVA member clubs have a beach program.

  • From a staff of 2 in 2012 to 5 in 2015, the JVA Team is bold and creative, with a customer service oriented work ethic.

Join the Value
Value is realized when a customer's expectations are met (or exceeded) at what is considered a reasonable cost. Realize the value of a JVA membership.  This summer we focused on four main areas to add value to your membership and, hopefully, provide some catalyst for change.

  • For the 3rd consecutive year we will be able to give between $150,000 and $200,000 back to JVA member clubs through the 2017 JVA Sponsorship Program. We have re-designed the program to be able to reward more clubs that support the JVA mission and goals.

  • The JVA insurance program is a member benefit that was accessed by over 100 of our member clubs last season. Our insurance has been a game changer in that it is inclusive, allowing any team to participate regardless of national affiliation (you don't even need to be a member of JVA). 

    We had three main goals that we needed to address: (1) lower the cost of the event insurance, (2) simplify the application process, and (3) lower our transaction fees to further reduce the insurance cost. Thanks in a large part to our partners at SportsEngine and our insurance partner, Bene-Marc, we were able to accomplish all three goals.

  •  In the area of education and resources, we are expanding our Educational Committee and forming sub-committees to allow more members the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience. This next season will bring a lot of new resources and information sharing to JVA members. 

  • In response to member clubs needing JVA tournaments within driving distance, we have added three new tournaments in Milwaukee, Cincinnati and Long Beach.

Join the Challenge
We are challenging our members and non-members to "Be The Change" and embrace change by doing one thing differently.

One of my favorite bloggers, Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines and a host of other new start-up companies, spends his whole career making change. He shared some advice in this recent post,

"Anyone who has aimed to create change knows that the odds will more often than not be stacked against them. So, anyone seeking to disrupt the status quo needs to dream big. But you can't just dream big, you have to be passionate about turning your dream into a reality. Passion is one of the most important attributes that any change maker can possess. It keeps you focused on the job at hand, and ultimately separates the successful from the unsuccessful. Those passionate enough to change the world are the ones that do."

We at the JVA want your club to be successful, and the clubs around you to also be successful. And we also want your club leadership to have the options necessary to run a successful business. If you don't feel like you have the options and the resources needed to be successful, then it's time to make a change. We hope you reach out to the JVA, and know that you have an organization that has your back. #BeTheChangeWithJVA

We're looking forward to a celebratory 10th Anniversary Year! And we can't wait to see what change will come about in the next ten years.

Join the JVA today, click here to get started.

About the Author

Jenny has served as the JVA Executive Director since 2010. She co-founded Milwaukee Sting VBC in 1989 serving as director, head coach and board member through today. She served as Operations Director and then Executive Director of Badger Region Volleyball Association from 1998-2010. Jenny is passionate about junior volleyball and sees the JVA as a vehicle to improve the junior club experience for club directors, coaches and the club member families.


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