The JVA offers low cost insurance to its members. Sign up and purchase insurance by clicking on the link below and registering your club in the SportsEngine registration system.

The JVA Insurance is a benefit to members only. To purchase the JVA Insurance, you must have a JVA Club Director or Organizational membership

Register your CLUB NAME with the JVA SportsEngine platform to be able to access players forms, insurance, and background screen/APS results


If you are playing multiple JVA insured tournaments you will save money by purchasing Program Insurance.

To access your completed player forms, CLICK HERE.

INSURANCE NOTICE:  All certificates expire on September 1st and will need to be renewed!  If you need insurance before that date to secure facilities for the season, please contact Lisa at

JVA Program Insurance

Indoor: $110/team
Beach: $10/player

Click here to view a list of Clubs with JVA Insurance


JVA Tournament / League Insurance

One Day Tournament
Beach: $3.50/team
Indoor: $12.00/team
Two-Three Day Tournament
Beach: $5.00/team
Indoor: $18.00/team

*Covers all non JVA insured teams. JVA Tournament/League insurance allows teams of any national affiliation (USAV, AAU, or non-affiliated) to participate in your events.

Click here for more information on Running a JVA Insured Event


JVA Camp / Instructional / Tot / Mini / Youth Insurance

Indoor: $1/player/day
Beach: $1/player/day
*Covers players and coaches per day. If your program runs longer than 10 days, use the JVA Program insurance rates instead per every 10 kids.



Players and parents can complete the forms online using your own club URL. It is already set up. CLICK HERE and log in to your SportsEngine account to view completed player forms. Also, if you use SportsEngine for your website, you can embed the form right in your registration. Contact SE to use this feature.  Just click the link below to find your club's player forms, and provide the url to your club members.

Click here for hard copy of JVA Release of Liability Form
Click here for hard copy of JVA Medical Release and Waiver Form
Click here for a hard copy of the JVA Incident Report

Player Forms

Plan Ahead

Due to the large volume of last minute requests, there is a $50 fee to expedite applications that are filed less than two weeks prior to the start of your season or your event.

Questions? Contact Us

Insurance FAQ

When is the JVA Insurance year?

The insurance year runs from 9/1 to 9/1.

How do I apply for JVA Insurance?
  1. Go to
  2. Below the "Club Directors" tab, click INSURANCE
  3. Read through the instructions, then scroll to the insurance options and choose between the following:
    a) JVA Program Insurance
    b) JVA Tournament/League Insurance
    c) JVA Camp/Instructional/Tot/Mini/Youth Insurance
  4. You are now in the SportsEngine platform, embedded in our website.
    a) Returning user? Login!
    b) New user? Create a free login and password to the SportsEngine platform.
  5. Depending on the insurance you clicked, you will be directed to the appropriate form.
  6. Complete the form answering ALL questions with as much information as needed.
  7. Once you click submit, you will directed to the Product Store.
  8. Complete your purchase immediately. You will NOT receive your Certificate of Insurance unless you have paid!
  9. Certificate of Insurance will be sent within 3 business days.
What does JVA Insurance cover?

All 3 JVA Insurance options cover:

Section 1
LIABILITY: Carrier - International Insurance Company of Hannover
Occurrence: $1,000,000
Aggregate: $3,000,000
Fire Damage: $100,000
Products/Completed Operations: $1,000,000
Personal/Advertising: $1,000,000
Spectator Medical Expense: $5,000
Physical/Sexual Abuse Option: $50,000/$100,000
Non-Owned Auto Option - EXCLUDED (Can be added for separate premium upon approval)
Sports Equipment Option - EXCLUDED (Can be added for separate premium upon approval)
Policy Term - Limited to Dates of League Play

Section 2
EXCESS ACCIDENT: Carrier - AXIS Global Accident & Health
Excess Accident Limit: $25,000
AD&D: $2,500
Deductible: $ 250
Dental: $1,500
Policy Term - Limited to Dates of Season
Any administrative fees added have been applied to the rates above.

How far in advance do I need to apply for JVA Insurance?

At least two weeks prior to the start of your event. Due to the large volume of last minute requests, we are adding a $50 fee to expedite applications that are filed less than 2 weeks prior to your season/event.

How do I secure Insurance for my club program?

A minimum of 2 weeks prior to your tryouts:

  • The JVA Insurange Page will take you to the JVA Insurance Page on the SportsEngine platform.
  • Fill out the application for the insurance you need. BE SURE TO GIVE COMPLETE INFORMATION. You will need to have the official name of your site and the complete address. You should also confirm the insurance requirements of your facility. Some facilities require 3rd party certificates or additional endorsements. You will need an estimate of the number of non-JVA insured teams that will participate in your tournament.
  • Once you complete your application, you will be directed to the Product Store for payment. You will not receive your Certificate of Insurance until you make full payment

Note: SportsEngine has no affiliation with JVA insurance products being offered. Please refer to the JVA directly for information: Lisa Wielebnicki,

How do I know who has completed their paperwork and how do I print them?

The administrator of your club's SportsEngine account can view all of the club's submissions (who completed their forms) as well as export an excel spreadsheet of each of the JVA forms that have been submitted by your members with all the data entered.

1. CLICK HERE to access Player Form page.
2. Drop down to your club name.
3. To Print: If looking for excel spreadsheet, click "Export CSV" at the top. If needing to print PDF of actual forms, select "Download JVA Autoform".

How long do we need to save player waiver forms for?

5 years in case a claim needs to be made. We suggest creating a waiver folder and go through each year to get rid of 5 year old forms.

How do I file the insurance paperwork that is required?

The forms that are required are:

Clubs that are securing JVA insurance for their members, may file the required forms online with SportsEngine. There is no cost to your club, coaches or players to file forms online. Click here to get the link to your specific club's player forms for online submission (the two forms are combined together to simplify the process). The 2nd tab at the top of the page titled, "Member Clubs: Player forms submission links" has each club's link listed. Direct your families to that link to submit their forms. Instructions for parents are on that page. There are also instructions for Club Directors/Administrators to activate their ability to generate reports on all the submissions from their club.

What if I am unsure of the number of teams that I will have?

Apply for coverage for the number of teams that you are sure you will have. You can always add teams at a later date.
Reminder: The club insurance for your teams covers your coaches, club administrative staff and tryouts as well.

Are the officials at my event covered by insurance?

Yes, JVA will cover the cost of your officials' insurance coverage. If an official is injured, you need to complete a "JVA Incident Report". You also need to find out if the official is registered with PAVO and include that information on the incident report.

How do I ensure that everyone at my event has filed the proper paperwork?

Each coach will need to submit the "JVA Coaches' Event Sign in Form" at team check-in. This document lets the Tournament Director know that all of the team's JVA insurance forms have been completed and submitted online at, or that the coach has a copy on hand of all of the players' forms. The "JVA Coaches' Event Sign in Form" should be attached to the team roster and kept on file. You do not need to collect or file any of the insurance forms, only the "JVA Coaches' Event Sign in Form".

What paperwork is required for JVA Events?

The forms that are required are:

The participating teams may file the forms electronically: Prior to your event, request the clubs to create a group for their team on SportsEngine and then direct their parents to use this site to submit their insurance forms online. There are no fees to do this.
Provide a hard copy of the forms listed above to all coaches and team reps. Inform them that it will be coaches' responsibility to make sure that they have, in their possession, the required forms. The coach or team rep will need to collect the liability and medical forms (USAV Medical Form is also acceptable) from each of their players. At the time of team check-in, the coach or team rep only needs to turn in the JVA Coaches' Event Sign-in Form to the Tournament Director.

What if someone gets injured at a JVA insured event?

Be sure that you have a supply of JVA Incident Reports on hand. If any injury occurs, even if minor:

  • Secure a copy of the JVA Release and Medical Form and JVA Participant Release of Liability for your file OR ascertain that the forms exist online within your SportsEngine account.
  • The Head Coach or Tournament Director should complete a JVA Incident Report at the time the injury occurs and turn in to the tournament director. A parent should never complete the "Incident Report", it will not be accepted by the insurance company as a legal record.
  • If the injury is minor simply keep the JVA Incident Report Form on file. If the injury is serious, email copies of the Incident Report, Player Medical Release, and Participant Release of Liability to Lisa Wielebnicki at or drop in the mail to:

    1414 Underwood Ave, #404
    Milwaukee, WI 53213
What if someone wants to file a medical claim?

If the family needs to file a claim, email to request a copy of the JVA Medical Claim Form. Lisa will insure that the JVA Incident Report and Player Forms have been filed. The family should follow the instructions for submission included on the form.

Note: If the event is not a JVA insured event, the insurance company will NOT cover any expenses.

I am looking for the best insurance for my facility (lowest rate for best coverage). What options are out there?

The facility owner should identify insurance carriers, or an agent, familiar with the risks we face running a sports facility and volleyball club. There are several insurance companies that specialize in providing the coverage we need; such as participant and spectator liability, abuse and molestation, coaches professional, and accident medical to name a few. Once those companies are identified, applications should be submitted to no less than three of these companies to obtain the most competitive price.

One of our member clubs is MAVA based out of MidAmerica Sports Center in Louisville, KY. The club and sports center are owned by Glenn Pike, an insurance agent with experience in amateur sports and sports facilities. He can be contacted for additional information and assistance:

Glenn Pike
Pike Insurance Agency LLC
11828 Ransum Drive
Louisville, KY 40243
Office: 502-473-5454
Cell: 502-817-0436

Directors and Officers Insurance

D & O Insurance is liability insurance payable to the directors and officers of the organization as reimbursement for losses or advancement of defence costs in the event an insured suffers such a loss as a result of a legal action brought for alleged wrongful acts in their capacity as directors and officers.

If you need commercial liability insurance and would like a quote contact:

Stephanie Drees
Account Manager
Louisville Insurance, LLC
901 Lily Creek Rd., Suite 201
Louisville, KY 40243
P: 502-473-5454
F: 502-473-8695

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