JVA Member Resources and Education

A JVA membership offers Club Coaches and Junior Volleyball Educators numerous resources and educational information to share with your student athletes.


The JVA shares valuable information for high school athletes aspiring to play volleyball at the collegiate level. Many articles are written by recruiting specialists or JVA members with many years of experience assisting players through the recruiting process.

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Fitness & Nutrition

Make sure your athletes have the knowledge and resources to stay physically and mentally fit to play volleyball. Whether indoors or in the sun, players need proper nutrition, mental toughness and fitness to withstand a long weekend tournament and recover for the next practice.

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Choosing a Volleyball Club

You've figured out what age division you need to play in. You've identified up a few clubs in your area. Now for the hard part: picking just ONE club to play for during the upcoming season.

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Referee Training

Train your players how to referee, score keep and libero track during a match. These videos are free and will help you make sure your players are prepared for their role at their next tournament.

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5 Ways to Balance Academic and Athletic Demands

It takes dedication and commitment by the student-athlete to balance academics and athletics. Here are 5 ways to help you succeed.

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Boys Volleyball

More and more boys are competing in indoor and outdoor volleyball. Learn more about opportunities for boys at the junior and collegiate levels.

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Changing Positions: Embracing the Change

Oftentimes, the outlook of playing a new position can be slightly negative, so let's examine the positives behind a position change and ways to embrace the change.

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3 Things to Consider When Switching Clubs

Just as college coaches aggressively recruit elite players, many club coaches and administrators are also constantly working to upgrade their teams.

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