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Run a High Quality Event

The goal of the JVA is to support and market our members' events. Below are ways to enhance the quality of the event you are running to ensure that teams have a great experience and return next year.

Run a JVA Insured Event and Save Money

  • JVA insurance is all inclusive so teams of any affiliation can participate and will be insured (AAU, USAV, JVA, or other)
  • JVA tournament insurance rates went down this season! Take advantage of the low rates and your teams will love the savings too.
  • Click here for more information on JVA insurance

Give Your Tournaments More Visibility

Organize Your Tournament

  • The JVA provides resources and education for JVA members to plan and run an event
  • JVA business education includes tips to securing sponsorships for an event
  • JVA Tournament Guidelines share recommended policies and guidelines for an event
  • Click here to learn more
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