Benefits for JVA Parents

A JVA membership offers Club Directors the education and resources to share with your parents.

Parents are the most important support system for junior volleyball players. 

JVA Education and Resources are designed to ensure your parents are well-equipped to be a positive support system for the athletes. The growth and success of junior volleyball is reliant on the players having an enjoyable and positive experience. The JVA is committed to providing education focused on being a positive sports parent.

What is JVA?

The JVA is the ONLY national association that is 100% focused on junior volleyball and the needs of clubs. With nearly 1,000 member clubs, the JVA not only hosts events, we provide education and resources to junior volleyball clubs to ensure their success.

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What Parents Need to Hear

As I plan recruiting sessions for parents, my goal is to simplify the process and give parents 'real tools' to pass on to their athletes. Below is an outline that I use to begin each session, I like to call it 'Recruiting 101'.

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5 Keys to Positive Relationship Between Parents, Players and Coaches

In order to maintain a positive club culture, a positive relationship needs to exist between your coaches, players and their parents.

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Vicarious vs. Supportive Parents

Your child is having a great season as the post-season approaches. He is worried. He asks you the question, "What if I lose?"

What is your response?

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Choosing a Volleyball Club

You've figured out what age division you need to play in. You've identified up a few clubs in your area. Now for the hard part: picking just ONE club to play for during the upcoming season.

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Club Tryout Tips for Athletes and Parents

Deciding where to tryout and how many clubs to tryout for is just the start. Below are some tryout tips to act as a guide or check list in hopes of making the process easier so you feel good about your decision.

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Estimating the Cost of Club Volleyball

In order to help families navigate through the decision process of which club to tryout for, here are some ways to estimate the cost of club volleyball.

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Club Tryouts: Common Myths and Making the Best Decision

Deciding where to tryout and how many clubs to tryout for is just the start. Below are some family tryout tips for before, during and after tryouts to act as a guide in hopes of making the process easier

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Recruiting Club Level vs High School

Current polls tell us that over 85% of college coaches recruit at the club level versus high school. There are legitimate reasons for the majority of collegiate recruiting in the sport of volleyball to be tied to club volleyball.


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Changing 'Skewed Perspectives' Into 'Productive Perspectives'

After talking with hundreds of parents it quickly became evident that their 'perspectives' on the recruiting process had been skewed by mountains of misinformation due to the unknown expectations of college coaches as well as what their own roles should be in the process.

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Early Recruiting Vexes Prep Athletes … and their Parents and Coaches

As the sport's popularity soars, volleyball coaches are offering scholarships to talented players earlier and earlier, which begs the question: Will it someday get out of control like boys' basketball?


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There's More to Collegiate Sports than Division I

NCAA Division I athletics have become synonymous with collegiate sports; so many student-athletes and families are raised upon DI sports and understandably feel DI is the best choice for being a collegiate athlete. Let's shine a light on why Division II, III and NAIA are also excellent options for junior volleyball athletes.

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