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Give your athletes an edge with volleyball specific training

Volleyball is a fast-paced, dynamic sport. Players execute complex movements in every plane of motion, reaching extreme positions on the court. In a sport that demands that kind of athleticism, a volleyball-specific strength and conditioning program is essential to maximizing power while building functional strength.

5 Exercises to Maximize Your Power This Season

Volleyball athletes need to focus on quickness, hitting power, and jumping and landing mechanics. While hitting focuses more on upper body and core, jumping is mainly lower body; this combination requires power through the entire kinetic chain for success, especially at the elite level. Here are 5 exercises to get you on the right track.

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Training Volleyball Players to Jump and Land

It's important for volleyball athletes to learn to jump and land safely and effectively. It's critical for coaches to design a training program that transfers proper jumping and landing into volleyball performance.

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In-Season Volleyball Strength and Conditioning

What happens to strength training as clubs get deep into competition season? How do athletes take advantage of the strength and endurance they have built up so far? Even mid-season, explosiveness and acceleration are traits that can be improved with proper training.

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Volleyball Dynamic Warm-Up

Whether you're looking for ways to help your athletes improve their performance or reduce injury, a full dynamic warmup before competition and training sessions is a simple way to start. 

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Strength Train With Minimal Equipment

Have limited access to a weight room or simply do not emphasize weight training? Here's some equipment and tools to help you execute proper strength training outside of the gym.

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ACL Prevention Warm-Up

Michigan Elite Volleyball Academy shares an ACL prevention warm-up that all teams perform at the beginning of practice and since implementing it a few years ago they have not had any ACL tears during the season.

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Prevent Lower Back and Knee Injuries

Alabama Performance (Birmingham, AL) shares a series of stretches to help prevent injury to the lower back and to the knees. These stretches can be done at the end of practice or a tournament or after a dynamic warm-up.

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