Steps to Run a JVA Insured Beach Event

Running a JVA Insured Beach Event? Need some guidance on getting it started? See below for the step-by-step instructions.

1. Join the JVA! The club running the event is the only one that has to be a JVA Member.

2. Purchase Insurance. This needs to be purchased at least two weeks in advance. Any requests within two weeks will have a $50 fee.

  • Click HERE and select Tournament Insurance.
  • You are now in the SportsEngine platform.
    • 1. Returning user? Login!
    • 2. New user? Create a free login and password with SportsEngine.
  • You will be directed to the Tournament Insurance form.
  • Complete the form answering ALL questions with as much information as needed.
  • Once you click submit, you will be directed to the Product Store.
  • Complete your purchase immediately. You will NOT receive your Certificate of Insurance unless you have paid!
  • Certificate of Insurance will be sent within 3 business days.

NOTE: Tournament Insurance does NOT need to be purchased for JVA Insured teams. JVA insured teams will need to be rebated the portion of the entry fee that covers the cost of the insurance. Also, JVA Tournament/League insurance allows teams of any national affiliation (USAV, AAU, or non-affiliated) to participate in your beach events.

3. Get paperwork organized.

a. Send the following paperwork to your participating clubs before the event. Also have extras available at check-in.

i. JVA Participant Release and Liability AND Medical Release/Waiver Form

ii. USAV/AAU forms are allowed and the coaches need to have these papers on them at all times. Hard or electronic copies.

b. JVA Coaches Event Sign-In Form needs to be turned in by all teams at check in.

c. Scoresheets for the Event - see below for all score sheets you will need.

4. Injury? Make sure you are prepared.

  • When an injury occurs, make sure to write up an Incident Report.
  • If the injury is serious, please pass along to so the JVA has it on file.
  • If a claim needs to be made, contact the JVA in order to receive the claim form.

Make sure to POST YOUR TOURNAMENT to the JVA Website.

To read the Tournament FAQ, please CLICK HERE.

Any other questions, contact and we will be happy to help out!

Give Your Tournaments More Visibility

JVA member clubs can post your beach events in the JVA Tournament Listing. This includes, beach tournaments, camps, clinics and showcases.

Post your event

Run a High Quality Event

If you are insuring your event with the JVA, make sure you have plenty of Coaches Event Sign-In Forms for Tournament Check-In so all Player Insurance Forms are accounted for. Also, have plenty of JVA Incident Reports on hand in case there is an injury. This form will need to be completed and submitted to the JVA if an injury occrs.

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JVA Tournament Officiating

JVA Pool Sheet - click here
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2017-19 USAV Rule Book

JVA Tournament Policies and Procedures

JVA Logo Policy

The JVA Logo Policy is a usage policy for the "JVA" logo, the "JVA Member Club" logo, and "JVA" text for websites, event marketing, uniforms and any digital or printed items for your club programs or events. If you have any questions please contact us for clarification.

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