Video Analysis and Analytics

Save your coaches time, accelerate player development and gain a competitive advantage with these resources.

Game Management for Coaches

Analyzed data and video analysis allows you to provide meaningful feedback to players and scout opponents. JVA Members Education includes resources for Game Management. Click below to view.

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Accelerate Player Development

With VolleyMetrics camera systems and video portals, club directors and coaches can review analyzed HD film, make comments, and tag specific players or coaches. Have the right metrics to review so that you can focus on your players' improvement and team training.

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3 Principles for Solid Statistics

Sports statistics are changing the game and are growing in popularity because they ultimately help coaches and athletes monitor current performance while trying to predict future performances.


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The How and Why Behind Keeping Stats

This Volleyball Stat Crash Course covers the 6 main skills: Serve Receive Passing, Serving, Attacking, Blocking, Digging, and Setting, the outcomes of each skill and the way we can effectively measure the stats for each skill.

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